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Summer Hydroponic Farming Tips

Hydroponic farming can be done 365 days, all you need to do is little caring to the plant's to grow well in this hot climate.

Follow below given tips at your farm or home hydroponic farm in summer.

Summers are hard. Even summers are hard for humans also to plants. We take care of our selves in summer even plants need that. Even you growing in green house you need to follow some precaution's in summer to have good crops.

We explained 5 tips for you to do in this summer. For more hydroponic tips Follow Us On Instagram.

Tip #1 - Supply cool water

Adequate water supply is vital in outdoor gardening. This is because evaporation is very high compared to indoors. So, the best thing to do is ensure your reservoir has enough water during hot summer. Hydroponic farming companies also make use of this tip as they place their reservoirs away from direct sunlight. It is good to purchase a float valve from renowned hydroponic farming companies to detect low water levels.

Our tip: Keep one cool room for reservoir, if you grow in home cover it with some wet cloth.

Tip #2 - Lower your nutrient solution

Your plants need to absorb water and minerals for optimal growth. Too much nutrient solution hinders natural absorption.

"Plants observes nutrients more in evening and mornings" – Hydroponic specialist

Tip #3 - Increases air exchange and movement

Just make sure your fan is powerful enough to draw enough air into your growing area. Some growers switch to a larger fan in the summer, then switch again in the winter.

Tip #4 - Ensure a breathable environment

The natural breeze is essential for plant growth. Evaporation, carbon dioxide balance and stomata health are some of the advantages of proper air movement.

Our tip: Keep fans inside the farm, that allows more air moment.

Tip #5 - Add co2 for indoor farming

If you are growing indoors in a controlled environment, add more CO2 to help the plants cope better with the heat.


Hydroponics farming can grow 365 days crops, all you need to do is little help to the plants as mentioned above. If you take care and manage well yours crops can grow in higher temperature's also without any issues.

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