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Commercial and Home Hydroponic Farming System in India

What does Hydroponics mean ?

Hydroponics is a way to skip the soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant, and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water.

Most types of Hydroponic techniques are

1. Wick System

2. Water Culture

3. Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain)

4. Drip Systems

5. N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technology)

6. Aeroponic Systems


216 Hydroponic Kit by Maximum Cultivator

Horizontal NFT System by Maximum Cultivator

Indoor Hydroponic system

Dutch Bucket System by Maximum Cultivator

Why you have to grow in Hydroponics

With urban populations on the rise and an unreliable food system and supply chain, you need to find a more sustainable and safer way to grow and distribute food to your community.

Address food accessibility by equipping schools, community centers, shelters, corporations, and universities with their own indoor or outdoor farming systems that efficiently scale to keep costs and food prices down.

Many more good reasons to grow food in Hydroponics

​Set the new standard for urban development & urban farming

Feed, innovate, educate & care for your own community. Everyone in an urban area can find nourishment from Maximum Cultivator greenhouse.

Setting up your hydroponic farm: At Maximum Cultivator, we have a team of professionals who will deliver hassle-free service to you. The setup cost of your hydroponic will be affordable, as we believe in value for money and will make ensure to build your hydroponic farm or Systems as you like it. Our fixed price policy will ensure you that you will not be charged any extra price after the completion of the project. We offer setup for naturally ventilated polyhouse, climate-controlled polyhouse, net house, and polycarbonate house. Hydroponic Equipment Installation: Maximum Cultivator is the supplier of all major components of a hydroponic system and hydroponic kits. We provide equipment to set up a fully automated hydroponic farm, automation types of equipment that we offer are:

  • Fertigation and dosing controllers,

  • Temperature and Water Sensor alarms

  • Temperature controller,

  • Humidity controller,

  • Reserving timer,

  • Priming timer,

  • Clock timer etc.

We Provide Training Getting Skilled in the Hydroponic Technique: Maximum Cultivator ensures that the clients have proper knowledge about the functioning of their hydroponic farm and provide technical support to the growers. Our services include agronomist support for farm operations.

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