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Maximum Cultivator Norman C1 Hydroponic Kit Comes With 24 Plants Capacity. Perfect For Family To Grow There Own Food At Home, Balcony, Terrace Or Garden.

Norman C1 hydroponic kit

₹14,000.00 Regular Price
₹12,600.00Sale Price
  • Great design:  Maximum cultivator has a vertical orientation and is very efficient. Can fit comfortably in Balconies,Terrace or Garden.


    Nutrient Rich: Every Crop have very Nutrient rich source.


    Grown Using 95% less water:  Less water compared to traditonal farming.


    No pesticides required:  They are grown in your balconies there is no pesticides required.


    Maintenance: 15 Minutes in a day: Our home kits are semi-automated you just need to top-up water and add nutrients as and when needed.

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