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What is the use of Net Pots ?

Commonly used in hydroponic gardening, net pots are used to anchor the plants in the system. They can be used with or without a grow medium. Because they are relatively cheap, net pots are commonly used by small-scale agricultural planters. Available in different sizes, these pots are also ideal for NFT or DWC systems .

Hydroponic net pots are often reusable and made from rigid plastic mesh to promote drainage and air circulation. Net pots have also been known to optimize root growth and plant development. Because of the holes that dot the sides of the pots, plants can easily acquire moisture and nutrients. Many different plants can be grown using net pots in hydroponic systems.

In hydroponics, different types of growing mediums are added in net pots to help the plants thrive. These include, but are not limited to, rockwool, growstones, lava rock, hydroton, and any other growth medium that is large enough to not escape through the holes of the net pot.

Net pots make it easier to relocate hydroponic plants without causing any damage to the roots or stems.

In the case of aeroponics, plant roots dangle down through the net pot and into air, where they are misted with nutrients. There is no other grow medium involved.


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