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10 Great herbs to start from seed/cuttings this April.

Herbs are great to start now even by from seeds or cuttings because herbs like those summer days and chilly mornings

We listed out 10 great herbs that you can grow in hydroponics or in grow bags or in soil pots to but we prefer grow in hydroponics.

  • Basil

  • Rosemary

  • Cilantro

  • Peppermint

  • Chives

  • Sage

  • Oregano

  • Dill

  • Thyme

  • Lavender


Pizza toppings, pesto or omelettes, basil makes a great companion to all dishes. This aromatic heat-loving herb can grow well in the summer to. Grow basil from seeds or cuttings. Always try to grow from seed 1st then grow more plants from those cuttings.


A perennial herb, rosemary is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the mint family. Sow the rosemary seeds directly on the nursery try or coco peat in a warm location that receives 4-6 hours of daily sunlight. Rosemary has a lower germination rate as compared to the other herbs, therefore, do not expect all the seeds to germinate. Rosemary can grow up to 4-5 feet tall. Add this medicinal herb to your dishes and relish it all season long.


Cilantro, also known as coriander or dhania is commonly used in all Indian dishes. Start your cilantro from seeds just rub the seeds and drop them in coco peat not too deep. They will germinate as soon as the weather gets a little warm. The germination period can vary from 10-15 days.

Cilantro not only adds colour and fresh flavour to your dishes but also acts as an anti-food poisoning agent.


One of the easiest to grow in the herb family is the refreshing and automatic mint. It is widely used to add a refreshing flavor to lots of foods and beverages. Don’t just stop at making the plain old lemonade with your peppermint harvest. This refreshing herb works great in cakes, cookies, pies, smoothies and chocolates.

Grow from cuttings rather than seeds.


Spiky grass-like clumps, chives are mild onion flavored foliage. They bloom in the spring season and attract beneficial insects. Water the plants frequently and plant in a spot that receives 4-5 hours of direct sunlight.


Sage is a perennial herb that has a peppery flavor. This herb is used to provide flavor to different stuffing's and vegetables. Start the seeds outside once the frost has passed. Plant the sage seeds just 2 or 3 inch deep. Pick a spot that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. Once the plant fully grows, pick the leaves as required.


Widely used in Italian food, Oregano is a perennial herb that is easy to grow. You must have seasoned your pizza or pasta with flavorsome oregano, Now grow oregano easily in hydroponics from seeds.

Harvest the leaves before the plant blooms to savour the strongest flavoured oregano.


Everyone loves Dill. It grows quickly in the hydroponics and offers a unique flavour to your dishes. Plant it outdoor/indoor during early spring. Sow dill seeds in rich, light coco peat. The leaves are most flavorful when harvested and used as soon as the flower opens. Plant dill in a sunny spot to help it thrive.


Thyme is an aromatic kitchen herb that is easy to grow from Thyme seeds outdoors. Thyme prefers dry so do not over water them in nursery, it requires at least 6 hours of sunlight. It takes a little longer for thyme to sprout in comparison to other herbs, but it is worth the effort and patience.


Last on our list is Lavender, one of the most popular herbs. It is a delightful sight to watch a lavender plant blooming in your garden. Start growing lavender in early spring and water the plant frequently. Place your seedling in full sun to allow proper growth. Once grown, you can enjoy the lavender plant for as long as a year.


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